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International, IB, AP, IGCSE, AS, A2, Curriculum, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, SAT
The facilitator is an engineer and an educationist with wide research and teaching experience. He has undergone training on the curriculum structure, course content and examination patterns of British-CIE (IGCSE & AS/A2-Levels), American (PSAT, SAT SAT-I & II, AP) and the International Baccalaureate (MYP & IB DIPLOMA) curricula. He has several years of hands-on teaching experience in the field. He has dedicated most of his adult life-time, effort and money for the sole purpose of inspiring, counsel
Indian curriculum
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EXPERIENCE IN THE FIELD OF EDUCATION: Aug’97 - present Faculty of International Baccalaureate (IB) Programmes: MYP & Diploma (DP) • Teaching Mathematics (HL & SL), Physics (SL) and Sciences (MYP), Internal Assessments (IA), training students on use of Graphic Calculators (GDC) e.t.a. • Facilitating Extended Essay (EE) & Theory of Knowledge (TOK) topics and supporting other Departments in the area of applied Mathematics & Sciences Faculty of Cambridge Intl’ Exams (CIE): A/AS-Levels, IGCSE & Check-point • Teaching Mathematics (Grades 8-12) and Physics & Chemistry (Grades 6 -11) Faculty of Advanced Placement (AP) Program, USA: • Teaching AP Calculus (AB & BC), Physics (B & C) and Chemistry Faculty for International-level Competitive Examinations: • Coaching students for various competitive aptitude/entrance tests, including, but not limited to: PSAT, SAT - Reasoning, SAT II - Subject tests, GRE, GMAT & CAT Faculty of National Institute of Open School (NIOS): • Teaching Mathematics to students of Grades IX & X. NIOS curriculum has been adapted from Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum, to suit students, such as sportspersons, who need flexibility in learning/writing exams Coordinator for Advanced Placement/PSAT: • Registering the school with, and coordinating with, the College Board (CB), NJ, USA for local administration of their AP Program. Also coordination of activities such as registering students, providing academic support and administering examinations. • Conceptualising, developing and administering staff training programs for the facilitators, invigilators & ICT-personnel locally involved with AP/PSAT Curriculum and ICT coordination: • Developing middle school curriculum, in Mathematics and Sciences, that is vertically integrated with the CIE (IGCSE and AS/A-level) and IB (DP) curricula, and is horizontally integrated towards thematic Inter-disciplinary learning (IB-MYP) • Planning and implementing inter disciplinary approaches in learning, through which students learn interrelatedness and interdependence of knowledge, covering more concepts using one theme • Facilitating project based learning, which is an in-depth investigation of a topic worth learning more about, that is done individually, or in small groups or as a whole class. • Developing lessons using a variety of teaching methodologies, which effectively address the range of learning styles, multiple intelligences and academic/behavioural levels of students within each calibre (Teaching methodologies include games, hands-on activities, experimental investigations, OHP/audio-visual presentations, analogies, peer teaching, collaborative learning) • Developing the middle- and high-school curriculum for students with: o Regular Calibre o Higher Calibre (Gifted) o Special educational needs (SEN) o English as second language (ESL) • Organising the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) committee that looks into integration of ICT in curriculum and meeting the ICT needs of every department in the school, and participating in other committees that works towards achieving the quality requirements of the Council of International Schools (CIS)
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