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tutor English Kindergarten, High School

ID 301634
85567 Munich
English, English Literature
Bachelor of Arts Professional Communications, Diploma in Mass Communications
Kindergarten, High School
To whom it may concern, Saying that I have always been interested in the English language would be an understatement. As a child, I can still remember getting into trouble with my mother for secretly reading my Enid Blyton books at night. Whilst my brother was sleeping soundly in the next bed, I would be under the covers, with a torchlight in hand – I simply had to know what new adventures awaited me. I risked a fair few groundings for the sake of fairies, goblins, and talking animals. Yes, I have to admit, I was a big fan of “The Magic Faraway Tree”. I went on to read the literary works of Rowling (I used to love our primary school bi-weekly reading hours) and Williams for my secondary school O’level text. Later on, while going through what every teenager thinks is the hardest times of their lives, the works of Poe, Plath and Woolf kept me sane. The minds of these tortured literary geniuses captivated me. Somehow I felt I belonged. I have always believed that language arms an individual with a multitude of opportunities. For example, having a good grasp of the language allows one to express himself effortlessly. In turn, confidence and charisma is built. This later allows a child to excel in any field of his choosing. As they say, it all begins with a solid foundation. That being said, reading and writing will always be a part of my life. It would be a joy to impart my love for the English language to young budding minds. Showing a child that picking up a book is not a chore, but only a beginning of a wonderful adventure, one that would carry on throughout his life would be my ultimate goal as an English teacher. Besides coming from a literary background from a young age, I pursued writing at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, attaining a diploma in Mass Communications. I later went on to study in Australia, studying Professional Communications. • PSLE English - A • O Level English – A2 • O Level Pure English Literature – A1 • Pearson Test of English Academic (First Time Taker) – 75% • Bachelor of Arts Professional Communication • Major in Copywriting and Art Direction Sincerely, K.T.
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